' Reynolds Family Winery

Drink American {well, duh.}

A lot of wineries like to tell you that their wines are French-inspired. They might refer to their Chardonnay as “Chablis-like” or their Cabernet as “Left-Bank.” These are wineries here in the U.S. of A., mind you.

I don’t get it. Are they ashamed to be American? Do they think we don’t have a wine culture of our own?

Here at Reynolds Family, we don’t measure ourselves against the French. It’s not that we don’t respect their wines, it’s just that we have our own way, our own soil and our own brilliant California sunshine, thankyouverymuch. So when we say “Drink American” we mean, enjoy what we have, enjoy it for what it is. And most of all, enjoy what you like, not what someone tells you to like.