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Spring has sprung at RFW

Spring has sprung at RFW

The 2017 Vintage is officially under way here in Napa. Our estate saw bud break just 2 weeks ago, and another tremendous journey begins. I drove up Silverado Trail daily with anticipation, I watched the vineyards to the West burst open with green buds the first week of April, but our vines waited patiently for a cool weather system to pass before stirring from their winter hibernation.

Then Monday April 10th, there they were, our vines had awakened! They had endured one of the wettest winters on record, our average rainfall is 25 inches, and we got over 40 inches this year! Torrential downpours, widespread flooding, severe wind gusts and below freezing overnight temps made for one of the harshest winters in a decade. The weather has calmed this week but it is still unsettled, we hope the sun starts to shine and things warm up a bit so the vines can really get moving!

Tasting rooms have been quiet all around the valley this winter, I guess that’s what happens when there is epic snow in Tahoe. Seems a lot of weekend trips and vacation getaways were planned to take advantage of the monstrous amounts of snow that the Sierra received this winter. Now as the sun starts to shine and the snow starts to slowly melt, wine lovers return to our small valley and another season is under way!

We look forward to sharing the beauty of our estate with you as you enjoy the beauty of our wines!


William Wright

General Manager Reynolds Family Winery

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