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The Reynolds Experience

Steve Reynolds (or, Dr. Reynolds, as he's still affectionately called) is well known throughout the valley for making high quality wines out of his boutique winery off the South Silverado Trail.

Why visit Reynolds Family Winery? Watch this video to find out.

Steve's Limo

Did you know that Steve's "other car" is a Pinzgauer? Do you even know what a Pinzgauer is? While we were out at the vineyard shooting Steve give us a tour of his vintage Swiss Army vehicle.


The creation of fine tequila has many similarities to that of wine. Learn more about Steve's enthusiams for this spirit from the south of the border.

The Mustard Label

The mustard flower adorns every bottle of Reynolds wine. In this video Steve explains the inspiration that led to the label's creation. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the hand labeling of each bottle.